ramblings from the studio

excited does not even begin to define the mood up here these days.

  It may just be the after effect of such a long and cold winter but you can actually feel the excitement on the wind.

everywhere you go, life is teaming with energy.

and though 17 hour days working on the farm has left everyone bone exhausted- its a good kind of tired.

progress.  satisfaction of a job done.  well done.

updates from the studio:      The studio is buzzing. okay, so its a very low-key kind of sleepy-tired buzz. maybe just a hum.  a hum of perpetual motion.  Work is being sorted and stacked. photo’d and inventoried.  There will be three shows this summer. (I will list them here as the dates get closer) and  the studio is scheduled to teach SIX classes!  you can find the first of the scheduled  classes over on the classes tab.

The first class, Intro to mixed media will be starting soon- there are a few spots left- so if you have been putting off registering, now is the time!   For those local lovelies that have the studio phone number- bear with me- I seem to have purchased the only cell phone on the planet that doesn’t have a voice mail option! (who the heck would have ever thought that possible??!!) if you ring me and I’m not available to answer – I will see your number and get back to you. It just means I am either up to my elbows in plaster or out in the fields.

Lets see… what else- yes,  I need to drop pieces off this weekend to a local shop  (and the two coolest shop keepers!)  for viewing and purchase. I am going to wait  to tell you which one until I drop off so that I can get some snazzy pics and do a full local share! (tease!)

For all you summer mums (and local mums, of course!) that have kiddos in the summer reading program at the LFL- the most gracious Patti has asked me to come and create art with the kiddies for a day- so we will be working on incorporating the reading of that week (which I believe is science- YAH!) and some cool clay artsy stuff! I can’t wait- kids are the BEST art students. they have yet to find their inner critic and have the blessing of unfiltered imagination. ( that will be in July- for those keeping a schedule)

I know I am forgetting something….. oh. yes. Facebook. right. (she says with mocked enthusiasm)   I am in the process (a very slow process at the moment- thank you tds internet service) of creating a new Facebook page. its called- you guessed it… Arts of the Bay.  So. if you feel so inclined- hop on over and  find us (here).  I’m going to load up all of the winter photos- (so ya’ll can see what kind of fun you missed!) It is pretty bare at the moment as this is my midnight to 4am project  (that seems to be the only time I can get the internet to hold)- so, again, bear with me- we will be up and running with fun stuff soon!

I think that about covers the highlights for now.

have a fantastic weekend my lovelies!

 get out on that Lake- it’s gonna be GORGEOUS!