ramblings from the studio

excited does not even begin to define the mood up here these days.

  It may just be the after effect of such a long and cold winter but you can actually feel the excitement on the wind.

everywhere you go, life is teaming with energy.

and though 17 hour days working on the farm has left everyone bone exhausted- its a good kind of tired.

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The attempts of Spring

It is desperately trying to be Spring in the North Country. It really is. The calendar admits to it being Spring.

The grass certainly hasdecided that it is growing season, and, finally, the bergs have melted back from whence they came

and the shores are frosty no more.

For those of you keeping score, the final total was 198 inches of snow

and our last frost warning was 5 days ago.

Here is the part that has me kerfluffeled:  It is the end of May.  ONE daffodil forced its way to bloom 3 days ago.

The June bugs are terrorizing the window screens at night.  The maple leaves came out yesterday.

There were no “showers” in April, and 5 in the last week.

No flys.  No wasps. The only thing comfortable poking its head out of the garden is the lettuce.

The Barn Swallows have returned, as have the Ospreys. but the goldfinches are still brown. ish.

There are no wildflowers.  The summer people have arrived.

It is as though parts of bits that happen over the course of three months are happening all in one month,

and yet the things that should be happening. aren’t. at all.

Mother nature seems to have had a very brutal, very tiring winter and she just not quite up to speed yet.

I wonder if she drinks coffee?