On the greener side of things


Update from the Farm: 

A slow Spring equals long days in the fields, but the plantings are finally in and starting to show signs of life (unlike my internet connection!)

This years crops will include:

dragon carrots

short finger sweet carrots

organic butter crunch lettuce



sweet corn

purple cabbage

blue cabbage


sweet peas

purple peas


red onions

white sweet onions

acorn squash


Beefsteak tomatoes

brandywine tomatoes

Russian Blue Kale


I’ll be posting for my local lovelies when each comes in and available at the stand!

On a side note::    As most people know, summer here means really bad, no good, down right horrid internet connections.  Worse than ‘non-summer’- if that is actually possible. This translates into trips into the village to update and shorter updates. Most of the time it holds long enough to  get emails and check on shop status. If I don’t get back to anyone quite quickly- that doesn’t mean that I haven’t seen your order/ class registration/email. I can still process  them manually and then update you as technology catches up.  And those of you local- please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Studio updates coming soon!


New art for the summer!

Classes are scheduled and getting underway!- still time to reserve your spot!

New Locations to find/purchase my work!

Have a spectacular week my lovelies!