” you haven’t seen that little boy Brody have you? ohhh, ohhh, I sure hope he’s okay. You know one day the winds came up and just blew and blew. Blew my shutters clear off to the Bay!

and it wasn’t so much longer that the family just got up and moved on. not a word.  just  left me here. {sigh} I do hope everything was okay, good people. hard working too. You know there was this one time when…”

Sometimes I wish there was a device that you could touch to an object and it would tell you it’s story.

I specifically want this device for those majestic trees that touch the sky and very old forgotten places.

Screaming in silence, with stories to be told…

“You know, I have been standing in this exact spot since The People of Ka Nee-en Ka  set up camp right over there.”

“Ha! sure, sure I was a bit nervous. See that scar down there? got that long round January 1813- see it all started bout a year earlier when some of them Yankees got their panties in a twist- I’m not sure anyone knows exactly what started it, cause you see there was this little guy across the big water that everyone was really concerned about. All I know is I got shot, now it was about 5 feet lower then and my middle sure has gotten a bit rounder, that’s for sure…. ha ha ha ha. time sure does pass when your standin’ around”

 there are so many conversations I would like to have.

Someone should invent this device for me.

now, would be nice.

it’s okay. I’ll just wait here.