It was a beautiful yet brutal start to the new year here in the north- four inches of ice left most of us without power the week leading to Christmas, and the week following for that matter. 


And, while a great deal of respect for this is environment is required in order to survive-  it leaves one with an inability to move. to stand in awe; wide-eyed, jaw dropped and in utter amazement.


The reality of such a place is simple. You are at the hand of Mother Nature. You are no longer in control. Patience is all that is needed. There are generators to be fed and provisions to be tallied. Delays are inevitable. No internet, no television. Just patience. Patience for it to run its course- updates will come when the roads get cleared enough for the crews to start working on bringing back the magic that is the light switch.

So that is where we are- the catch-up. The flurry of updates, postings, listings and here we are now. But Mother Nature wasn’t quite done with us after that fantastic ice display- after all- we are up to the second week in January now- and two weeks of ‘stuck’ leads to lots of new art work- its a good thing you don’t need power to run a paintbrush!