winter wonderland

The preliminary numbers are in so make sure your sitting down.

Start: third week in November

End: second week in February

Total: 143.25 inches of snow

and that isn’t including the 4 inches of ice  over New Years or the last two storms- which yielded an additional 18 inches (combined).

This is a winter like I have not seen in many years. This is a winter of my youth.  Road ways have  turned into tall, looming white mazes.  The lake is frozen as far as the eye can see and fishing cities have popped up all over the Bay.  Life is a little bit harder and the world is a whole lot colder . Winter has come back to the North Country~ and it is a glorious thing.


the sacred garden: not too long ago brimming with growth now transformed into an ice palace.

And while I appreciate the promptness of those working in the mail room- seed catalogs in January is just mean.


It is easy to lose yourself to time during the winter months. This photos was taken at 1:00 in the afternoon yet the ice flows across the lake reflect that of an evening sun preparing to set.