mixed media (all)

Hope everyone had a great summer and are looking forward to the holidays. While I revamp some things (a/k/a upgrade) on this site – please stop by the Etsy Shop (click below) as work is being listed there.

Also : three things: 1) I really hate the way Etsy is forcing sellers who don’t make small light weight items by the millions to force high prices onto customers so it appears to have free shipping. So while you will note my items are mostly free shipping – I have decided not to increase prices to compensate for it. I just cant do it.    2.) if you don’t want to deal with etsy- I can easily invoice through paypal,  like I do at the shows, just email me and 3) to my Canadian collectors and friends – Etsy is ridiculous – I’m not overpricing you 40 $ per item to compensate for international shipping – as a result I cant list as shipping to Canada- just contact me – either email or through Etsy – your shipping cost will be actual minus what US shipping costs are. (explained at etsy  shop front page – go look) you guys are the best. Happy Holidays, Happy Shopping, Happy New Year!

tracey jean